Friday, August 6, 2010

Qualified Professionals Benefit from joining SAG

The Benefits of Being a Nevada SAG Member

Protections on the Set and After: On-time and accurate pay, 

good wages, safe working conditions, contributions to your pension 

and health, union pride and being a part of an active branch of the 

highest profile union in the nation, the Screen Actors Guild.

Nevada Actor Newsletter

Nevada Actor is a quarterly electronic publications and

two print newsletters sent to all active members of the Nevada SAG Branch.
AFTRA-SAG Federal Credit Union

From Coogan accounts to savings and checking accounts, auto

and home loans, investments, retirement and estate planning,

AFTRA-SAG FCU provides superior financial services to everyone

in the business of entertaining. Like you, our goal is to exceed expectations -

to outperform at every stage.

For more information go

Stay in your top professional shape by attending the Nevada Conservatory,

offering the latest tips for success in the business and the hands-on instruction

you need for landing the part. Preference is given at all seminars to union actors,

with additional networking opportunities and the ability to attend the

national SAG Conservatory in Los Angeles as a Nevada Member.

Notices for workshops and conservatory events are announced to all

Nevada members by e-mail and are announced on the local hotline.
Free movie screenings

Free movie screenings and discounts on career related products and services

announced to members through regular publications and e-blasts. These offers

come primarily during awards season, and are subject to revocation by the

movie theater at any time. Contact the Nevada SAG office for the latest updates.
The Screen Actors Guild Foundation 

The SAG Foundation enhances the lives of actors by investing in programs

which help them in their professional endeavors. Their financial assistance,

catastrophic health, educational and literacy programs reflect the concerns

and interests of SAG members as well as their desire to "give back" to their

communities. The SAG Foundation is independent from SAG but offers

substantive services to Guild members, free of charge. For details please or call (323) 549-6708.
The Actors’ Fund 

The Actors’ Fund is a resource for all entertainment professionals in need,

crisis or transition. It provides social services and emergency

financial assistance, employment and training, housing and health services.

 Call (323) 933-9244 or go to

Union Plus Discounts
Union Plus is a program created by the AFL-CIO to develop and

coordinate member-only benefits. Our Guild publications have

showcased the Union Plus programs and services available to

SAG members through Union Privilege. These programs and

services have been developed nationally by Union Privilege –

not by SAG – and all information and questions regarding

the programs and services are handled by the individual program

provides through dedicated toll-free phone numbers. SAG does not

endorse any of the products or services.

Please visit for a full listing of programs

and discounts available to SAG members, which include but are not limited to:

Cellular phone carriers: 

Discounts on service plans and phones from 

the only fully union cellular company in the United States, AT&T.
Health Savings:

Save up to 40% on prescriptions at more than 20,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Legal Services:

Free and discounted legal services from union-friendly lawyers.

Free consultation (up to 30 minutes). (888) 993-8886.

Mortgage & Real Estate:

Competitive-rate mortgages for home purchase or refinancing and

savings on real estate agent services. Main benefits of this

mortgage/real estate offer are: Peace of mind – option to have

mortgage paid for 6 months if actor is laid off or disabled,

and up to 1 year during a strike, saving money – save hundreds

of in closing costs; family benefits – union members and

immediate family (parents and children) are eligible to obtain

loan;personal service – one personalized, professional, and

knowledgeable point of contact; and variety – a wide variety

of mortgages are available, including loans for those with

less-than-perfect credit or other unique circumstances.

For more information, contact Meyoung Laman,

Senior Mortgage Consultant, JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.

 (DBA Union Plus Mortgage Program) at

(310) 815-5126 or (888) 582-9526 ext 126 or

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