Monday, August 23, 2010

Help build SAG, support unionism, Solidarity through numbers

David and Goliath

While the media may compare the Screen Actors Guild to the studio moguls and corporations, be aware that going into negotiations it is always David vs. Goliath. The stone we have is our major stars and the power to use those stones. SAG is a nonprofit organization with an annual budget that is less than the individual budget of many studio productions.

Support SAG and unionism as we enter negotiations on new contracts this fall.

Do not work non-union.

Audition for productions but insist on a union contract.

Encourage those who are working non-union to join the union and become true professionals.

Encourage productions to sign union contracts.

Wear your SAG pin, shirts, jackets, hats and other logo items (see SAG Store).

Do not cross a work stoppage picket lines for any brother or sister union.

Do offer to walk information picket lines with other unions, showing your SAG support for our union brothers and sisters.

Do walk with and support other unions. They will support us if we show we are part of their union movement as well.

Talk up SAG on the set, the street, with students and anywhere talent gathers.

These are things that can be begun or fully accomplished at the local member level.

Become active in SAG.


Feel free to contact Nevada SAG Executive Steven Clinton for more information or clarification.

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