Monday, August 9, 2010

Nevada SAG Conservatory

Photo: Nevada SAG Conservatory Chair Barbara Grant
Chair: Barbara Grant

Co-Chair: Steve Lizotte

Secretary: Mary Ann Hebinck

The Nevada Screen Actors Guild Conservatory hosts professionals in the motion picture, television, voice-over, theater and commercial industries at least ten times a year. These guests lead workshops, provide honest and open information on the industry, as well as offer advice and techniques to build careers.

The Nevada SAG Conservatory is a public service of the Nevada Branch of Screen Actors Guild.

Nevada SAG members may join the Nevada Conservatory for $40 a year. Workshops are free for conservatory members and $20 per event for non-conservatory members.

Screen Actors Guild Nevada Conservatory Mission Statement
The Screen Actors Guild Nevada Conservatory’s mission is to prepare our new members for employment within the industry while assisting working professionals in continuing to develop their talents and skills.
To achieve this goal, the Conservatory will assist actors in building careers through
  • · the enhancement of their performance tools;

  • · enrichment of their business and marketing knowledge;

  • · providing networking and learning opportunities;

  • · encouraging experienced performers to share their knowledge;

  • · producing workshops, seminars and symposiums of relevance to the professional actor;

  • · encouraging qualified union membership and participation, and

  • · communicating the Screen Actors Guild constitution, regulations and bylaws.

The Screen Actors Guild Nevada Conservatory may include such activities as showcasing, student film participation, trips to regional and national casting centers or a referral service on productions, auditions and agencies. These are not the mission or goal of the Conservatory, they are additional services and should remain secondary to the Conservatory mission.
While the Screen Actors Guild Conservatory invites active participation by agencies, production companies, acting teachers, schools, organizations and members, their participation in any event is not to be taken as an endorsement.
The Screen Actors Guild Nevada Conservatory is open to all members of the community as a public service, but as a committee of the Screen Actors Guild the right is reserved to limit participation in specific events or overall membership to dues current members of the Guild. Membership in the Conservatory does not represent or imply membership in the Screen Actors Guild.
The Screen Actors Guild Nevada Conservatory is not an employment service, agency, casting center, union hall or any related business or activity. We are an opportunity to learn, share and network!

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