Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why I serve.

Art Lynch is an actor
and educator who serves
on the National Board of Directors
of the Screen Actors Guild
representing Nevada.

In his over 20 years of Nevada
based Guild service
he has chaired committees,
served on the elected council,
served as Nevada Vice President
and President. He co-chairs
the New Technology Committee
and has long been active
in other national committees,
including the Young Performers
Committee, dedicated to
helping young talent and
their parents to prepare
for and deal with the needs
and demands of the industry.

The guild does not
compensate members
who serve in offices or on committees.
His work is voluntary and for the benefit
of all talent and future talent.

A veteran of Chicago theatre and both film
and commercial acting,
his belief is that all those who find enjoyment i
n the crafts and take
the time to train and pursue work,
should call themselves actors,
has been at the center of his over
a decade of coaching acting full-time.

Lynch is an instructor at the
College of Southern Nevada,
where his focus is communication
and helping students
to achieve their personal goals.

His voice can be heard on Sundays
over Nevada Public Radio
(based through KNPR 88.9 FM)
statewide as the state voice
of Weekend Edition Sundays and
as on-hair local host from
5 AM to midnight on Sundays.

After two decades living
in the heart of Las Vegas,
he and his wife Laura,
relocated to historic Boulder City
seven years ago,
where he works with the Park and
Recreation District serves on the board
of the Dam Short Film Festival,
31ers. He and with his wife are establishing
a social services life counseling opportunity.

Lynch is currently completing a
PhD in Education
through Capella University.

Art Lynch writes and edits this blog,
along with sagactor and others.

You may e-mail Art Lynch at

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