Monday, September 26, 2011

Politics are not just in Washington DC

Nevada SAG moving forward (with your help and support)

It does not make friends, but within the limits of confidentiality I am know for telling the truth as I see it.

Your union is a union, not a club, conservatory or social networking group.

And we have a very dedicated board of officers and members looking after the business of the Guild in Nevada. This election showcased how the system works, once the membership has a voice.

There are politics underway that I feel need to be addressed. I thank the membership for their votes in this election, selecting candidates who were not nominated by the nominating committee among their choices.

Those who are doing the job, who have the connections and who have the experience, can be heard at the national level. For the first time that anyone can remember incumbents who were working hard and getting their jobs done were not nominated by the nominating committee, the president last year and myself this year, along with two sitting council members, one of whom choose not to run by petition. Local officers endorsed not voting incumbents back into office.

I am not the type to blow my own horn, campaign or ask for help. This year I had to do all three, and I did not enjoy it. I thank all of you who made calls, sent e-mails, donated to the campaign and supported by reelection. I did gather endorsements, but only after knowing the politics behind my not being nominated.

It would hope that our top local officers, as well as Rick Rockne, take the time to allow me to represent the branch on the national level. The local level has always been in the hands of the officers and council. I have one vote and other than advising from experience and the perspective of my office, I carry no more voice or vote than any other member of your elected council. Except for my one year as president, I never have, regardless of the rumors that circulated during the past two campaigns.

As I shared in today's membership meeting, it is my hope that, whether we merge or not, members continue to step forward and run for office, volunteer for committees and do all they can to turn potential work union in Nevada. We are the union.

It is also my hope that the type of backdoor politics I have seen over the past two years comes to an end and that we move forward as a branch proudly into a new union or as the Screen Actors Guild, continuing to put membership first.

I feel that you have a strong council, working on many projects for our branch. We have a strong executive in Steve Clinton, and strong support from many key players in the community.


Art Lynch
(as a private citizen and member of SAG, not an official correspondence).

In part to support what I indicated above about the nominating committee and the need to keep experience I present the folowing excerpt from the Hollywood Reporter:

"In Nevada, Art Lynch won a contested national board seat. Six other national board seats from the Regional Branch Division were uncontested, and the winners were previously announced: Boston – Bill Mootos; Dallas – Suzanne Burkhead; Detroit – Ed Kelly; Houston – Robert Nelson; Nashville – Cece DuBois; Washington, D.C./Baltimore –Stephen F. Schmidt. All of those are three-year positions, and all of the regional winners are believed to favor merger."

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